John Hyne and Grace his Wife

For many years my 3rd great grandfather, Captain Charles Hyne, was a bit of an obsession of mine. As commander of merchant sailing ships in 1830’s to 1860’s I could find ample references to him in the shipping notices and newspapers, sometimes complete with latitude and longitude on specific days. However all efforts to learn … Read more

Nicholas Hayne and Susanna Colston?

Between 1771 and 1777, “Nicholas Hyne, Yeoman and Susanna his wife” baptized four children in Blackawton, Devon, including Mary (1771), Nicholas (1773), John (1775) and Susanna (1777). My search for more information about Nicholas and Susanna led me to a marriage record for Nicholas Hyne and Susanna Yeolland from Plymouth, St. Andrews, Devon. According to … Read more

Devon Parish Transcriptions

I’ve been keeping transcriptions of the various Hyne family parish baptisms, marriages and burials I’ve come across in the course of my research. I’ve decided to make these transcriptions available on this web site. The link to these are provided below. Some of these are based on the transcriptions provided by the site hosting the … Read more

Confirming more theories

I recently received digital copies of the death certificates of Mary Hyne and Susanna Hyne from the General Registry Office. These took much longer than usual to receive, likely on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. Other than the actual causes of death, the only other big revelation from the certificates was that under “Rank or … Read more

Sloppy Genealogy: Susan Hyne Seaward

If you browse around this site, you might come upon a page for Susan Hyne Petherbridge. On that page I state that Susan Hyne Petherbridge married William Henry Mugford, a paymaster in the Royal Navy, on November 10, 1852. However, if you were to browse around on or you might be lead to … Read more

Breakthrough for Charles Hyne!?

There have not been a lot of updates on the website recently, but there have been a number of developments in my research efforts. I recently found a National Probate Calendar entry for Charles Hyne on Ancestry and from there was able to order a copy of his will from the UK’s Probate Search service, … Read more