The Hyne Family History Site


I’ve started this website to help myself piece together stories from the individual snippets of the Hyne family history that I find in the course of my research into my family tree.

For more information about my approach and future plans, see the About page.

We’re all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.

Liam Callanan

Interesting People

Captain Charles Hyne was born around 1805 and became a mariner. He rose to the rank of captain and commanded three-masted sailing ships between England and India, often accompanied by his wife Louisa Hole Carruthers.

Susan Hyne Petherbridge, daughter of Louisa Hyne, was born around 1827. After the deaths of her mother in 1833 and father in 1838, she and her two younger siblings were split and sent to live with different relatives from both sides of her family. She married William Henry Mugford, Paymaster Royal Navy, in 1852.

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