Elias Tucker Hyne (1745-1818)

Birth and Childhood

Elias Tucker Hyne was born in about 1745, the son of Ambrose Hyne and his wife Sarah (born Tucker). Elias was baptized on the 13 November, 1745 in Slapton, Devon 1Source.

Marriage and Family

On the 14 May, 1771 he married Grace Sweet in Nymet Tracey (Bow) Devon 2Source.

Elias and Grace had at least six children together: Elizabeth (1772) 3Source, Grace Sweet (1773) 4Source, Mary (1775) 5Source, Sarah Tucker (1777) 6Source, Anne (1779) 7Source and John (1780) 8Source. All six were baptized in Blackawton, Devon.


The baptism records for Elizabeth and Grace Sweet, list their mother’s name as Mary, which I believe to be an error given the name of his wife and his second child.


Elias died in 1818, and was buried in Blackawton, Devon on the 14 May, 1818 9Source.