Louisa Hole (Carruthers) Hyne (1810-1881)

Birth and Childhood

Louisa Hole Carruthers was born November 11, 1810 to Richard Carruthers and Ann Bird Emmerson.

She was baptized August 18, 1818, the same day her brothers Thomas Bell, William and Henry Hole were also baptized.

Marriage and Family

On January 6, 1836 she married Charles Hyne.

On April 20, 1838 she gave birth to her first child, Charles, in Blackawton, Devon, England.

She gave birth to her second child, Harry in 1841. Sadly, Harry died only two months after his birth.

Her husband Charles worked in the East India Merchant service, rising the rank of Captain around 1839. She would often accompany him on his yearly sailing trips to India. Her next three children would be born during those trips from England to India, and back. William Harry was born in Bombay Harbour in 1844. Harry Charles was probably born on a trip home to England in 1845, though he died aged only 8 months old in 1846, in Bombay. Richard Harry was born in the English Channel in 1848.

Louisa and Charles’ sixth and final child Harry was born in Middlesex (London) around 1850.

In 1859 a charity bazaar was held at the East India Docks in London, aboard two ships, the “Agamemnon” and the “Monarch”. A newspaper article describing the event briefly mentions a “Mrs. Hyne”. Given that her husband Charles was the captain of the “Agamemnon” at the time, I think it likely that the “Mrs. Hyne” mentioned was Louisa.

Thu, Jul 7, 1859 – 6 · The Morning Chronicle (London, Greater London, England) · Newspapers.com

Louisa was widowed in 1863 when Charles died.

In the 1871 England census Louisa is listed as a visitor in the household of James Thomas Bell and his wife Louisa. When her son William Harry had applied for entry into the India Military college at Addiscombe in 1859, James Thomas Bell was listed on the application as William’s guardian, which suggests that James Thomas Bell was a good friend of the family.

In the 1881 England census, she is living with her sons Charles and Richard Harry.


Louisa died May 21, 1881.

When her will was probated, her sons Charles, Richard Harry and Harry were present. William Harry was not, likely due to him being a resident of Canada at the time.