James Thomas Bell (1804-1880)


To my knowledge, James Thomas Bell is not directly related to the Hyne Family. He does however appear numerous times in the lives of Charles Hyne who named him the executor of his will, of his wife Louisa who was listed as a visitor in his home in the 1871 census of England and in the lives of their children for whom he was guardian while their parents were sailing to and from India.

Birth and Childhood

James Thomas Bell was born November 24, 1804, in Denton, Cumberland, England, the son of James Bell and Mary Robinson. He was baptized December 28, 1808 in Brampton, Cumberland, England1Source.


On September 15, 1835 James married Louisa Glenn at Christ Church, St Marylebone, England. Present at the wedding as a witness was Jane Bousfield. I’m not sure of the relationship to Jane Bousfield, but on the night of the 1851 census, three young members of the Hyne family are guests in the home of Jane Bousfield.


James held a commission with the Westmorland Militia, and later joined the Indian Medical Service (Madras) of the East India Company on February 5, 1830 as an assistant surgeon. He was furloughed on a sick certificate November 30, 1830 to September 23, 1833 and again August 8, 1834.

He was pensioned April 7, 1837 on Lord Clive’s fund.


James Thomas Bell died February 16, 1880.

In his will, besides a small sum he left to his servant, he left his entire estate to Mary and Louisa Jane Bousfield, daughters of Louisa Bousfield.

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